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Stemade Biotech Pvt. Ltd is the exclusive partner in India and Asia, for the promotion of technologies developed by the Institut Clinident Biopharma.

Institut Clinident is an organisation specializing in oral medicine and dental development of patented technology solutions for the conservation of teeth with vital pulps.

Institut Clinident BioPharma, a subsidiary of the Institut Clinident, is responsible for ensuring biotechnological developments concerning dental stem cells.

The activity retention of teeth with vital pulps is the result of a partnership between the Laboratory of Molecular Diagnostics Institut Clinident BioPharma (France), the research team on adult stem cells from Professor Gianpaolo Papaccio University Secondary Naples (Italy).

Institut Clinident BioPharma is the first European structure to propose a technique for conserving dental pulp.

The European Partnerships Institut Clinident BioPharma can offer a technical solution to the collection and preservation of the dental pulp, rich in adult stem cells, that can be used in future to treat and possibly save the lives of its owners.

Institut Clinident BioPharma and its partners are companies specializing in research and development, production of cell cultures (Cell Factory) and are also involved in cryobiology (tissue and cell) for storage of samples by rigorous processes and controlled.

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