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Parent Testimonials

Read parents experiences about taking their first step in securing a healthy future for their loved ones - dental stem cell banking.

Mrs. Anuradha Srinivasan ( Mother of Ms. Vedha Srinivasan)

Good protection for the child. Much of the concept may be difficult to assimilate in a "here-now-today" perspective. But if it protects my child in the long-term, it is worth it.

I had regrets about not storing the stem cells in the umbilical chord. It was pleasant to find out my daughter had not lost her opportunity to harvest stem cells after all.

Good. Very efficient. Good follow-up and hand-holding all through the process. I am very appreciative of the Dentist who made it a point to explain this concept in detail. I was anyway aware of the benefits of stemcell preservation, but the couple were very sincere and thorough in their explanation and advocacy. I would rather talk to people I know and put them onto our local contact for follow-up. Quite frankly, all those whom I would like to recommend would probably think. I need to have my head examined. Nor would they have the vision to invest so much money up-front on a benefit that is not very tangible to them.
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Himanshu Gaurav, Delhi

Mr. Himanshu Gaurav, Delhi

Although new, but will have a good way ahead. Ultimately, as it is a way of hope for many disheartened in this globe.

Obviously to have a potential cure of my diabetes as till date we still don't have its full fledge treatment according to many Aelopathis doctor.

Very good. Here to make a special mention of Dr. Surabhi Sharma who cooperated and coordinated with me very warm heartedly making things for we all along as easy as picking a petal from a flower. A good step forward by the stemade biotect need to make the people more aware of this miraculous therapy.
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Mrs.Bhavani (Mother of Mast. Padala Gowtham Shanmukh Sai Ramachandara and Ms.Padala Kaivalya )


It's a Good concept for children as in future these cells will be useful to heal and resolve any disorder.i would surely recommend to close relatives like my brother and to everyone who is not skeptical to spend money "now" as this surely has a long term return for my children.

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Mr. A.M, Delhi

Mr. Akhil Mohan, Delhi

Banking stem cells is a great idea as it can help address degenerative diseases in the future. However, security and safety is critical, especially for long durations of 15-30 years. Hopefully, in the future, cures will be available for many diseases through the use of stem cells. Banking stem cells today is therefore a form of insurance. The team was professional, well informed and courteous. I did not feel pressured at any point – either from a

commercial or operational point of view – as Stemade people were cooperative and flexible. They also come across as sincere people who fulfill their commitments.
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Akrita Kalra, Delhi

Akrita Kalra, Delhi

It is a very prudent thing-it is like taking out an insurance on your child's well being. I take my responsibility as a mother seriously. I am constantly on the watch out for what is best for my children's health. Like all other insurances in life, I hope we never need to use it. But Nature has its own ways. If a medical situation ever arises, thanks to the advances being made by science & stem cell technology, we will be in a better position to fight it.

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Mrs. Vineet Kaur (Mother of Mast. Pavitraj and Mast. Paramraj)

The unique concept of collecting the pulp from a tooth is a miracle in itself... it like as if tooth fairy actually exists. It was a painless procedure and a very quick one. Every parent wants to give the best to their children, yet the children inherit many diseases from their ancestors. With the hope that the children don't ever need these stem-cells I have opted for the same because God forbid if they ever need it for some disease they have a 100 percent backup of their own stem-cells to cure them for the same.

Initially the experience was not something to talk about because the company itself had teething problems and new concepts changing with the awareness and more knowledge. Soon all the quires and problems were aligned and the entire process was a smooth experience. Dr Pethe being a mother herself could understand the anxiety I had. She explained well and was actually very good with the children. They did not feel a thing.
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Dr. K. Shekhar, Chennai

I am very optimistic that a day will come when we can create any organ to replace a damaged one in our body without the fear of rejection with the help of stem cells. My daughter is suffering from T1DM and I hope she will be cured with new Beta cells derived from own dental stem cells.

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Dr. Shailesh Matkar

Shailesh Matkar

I believe this is a great concept and it is a necessity for everyone. I think this insures my child and his future. I am very happy that we decided to go ahead with the stem cell banking.

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Dr. Medha Pethe

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Tejaswini Pethe

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