As we all know ‘Health is Wealth.’

One of the major challenges that all of us across the world would face is to stay healthy. While we have been working over centuries to cure various diseases, newer forms of diseases continue to emerge and make our life difficult. Many of these are ‘Degenerative’ and continue to impact us till we live. E.g. Diabetes, Arthritis, Alzheimer and many more.

This blog is our attempt to provide information to our readers that will help us ‘Build a Healthier Future Generation’. It is our responsibility towards our children to provide them better healthcare and longer life.

There are many ways thru which we can stay healthy. Some are like timely vaccination, following a nutrition diet, regular exercising, taking yearly diagnostic tests etc.       

These days, almost every day we hear stories about the incredible regenerative powers of stem cells. The global scientific community has discovered the body’s ability to repair itself and to make a huge change to the degenerative diseases like heart diseases, cancer, diabetes and many more.  Stem cells are looked up by the scientific community to be the epicenter of Modern Medicine. The ability of these Stem Cells to be preserved at a young age and get used when required provides significant potential to cure degenerative diseases.

We at Stemade are proud to be India’s first private dental stem cell bank. Stem cells are the building blocks of the human body, and now it is possible to collect stem cell from primary teeth and wisdom teeth and preserve them for future use.

Parents concerns about their children are pivotal. With rising awareness about health issues, parents are focusing on the nutrition and health needs of their kids. Stemade blog will get for you all the health information from educating you about various diseases to giving you the right tips to stay healthy. Stemade through its initiative of Stemade Blog takes one step ahead in realizing its vision of ‘your companion towards a healthy tomorrow’.

Now a number of questions like : what exactly are dental stem cells, how do we bank them, what are the advantages, is your child eligible for banking, what are the process involved, what are the future aspects must be arising in your mind.

We will throw a deeper light on all these aspects in the coming weeks. Also you will get constant health & wellbeing articles and updates on a weekly basis. Stay up to date with Stemade Biotech’s Health Blog and Stay healthy!

Stemade Blog is for you to act now to build a healthy generation tomorrow

Stemade Team


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