Give your child wings to fly

“Do you know your child?” We get offended by this question as a parent, don’t we? We all claim to be the best parent in the world, we provide the best of the things that any parent can give to their child, but do these provisions make us a good parent? Let’s see. When was the last time that you sat with your child discussing what made him fight at school, why was he upset? Did you reward your child when he showed you his first painting or wrote his first four-liner poem for you? Think about it!

Many parents make the mistake of ignoring or discouraging their child of expressing what they feel which gives your child’s emotions a grave set back. If your child is upset, all he requires is that you listen to him when he outpours his anxiety to you. Listening and appreciation are vital parts of parenting. Listen to your child and express your love for him— your child, in turn, will also be a good listener. Appreciation helps in discovering the hidden gift in your child. You are responsible for shaping your child’s talent, be his/her guide and steer his/her prowess, into a story of fame and recognition. But the crushing burden of an absolute blind eye you turn towards your child can squeeze and kill his talent.

Apart from this, prolonged suppression can cause “toxic stress” to your child. Toxic stress can damage the joining of brain circuits and, uttermost, result in the development of a smaller brain. High levels of stress hormones can restrict the body’s immune response. This can leave your child unguarded to many infections and chronic health problems like diabetes and heart disease. Prolonged high levels of stress hormones may impair the learning and memory section of the brain that can last till later in life.

You can nurture your child’s interests by talking to him, exposing him or her to new ideas and proficiencies by guiding your child to special programmes for talented children. Although, nurturing starts with a child’s interests and skills, pushing begins with the expectations of the parents. Pushing can lead to emotional problems like depression, which can instigate serious aftermaths like suicide.

So, don’t tie the millstone of your ambitions for a brilliant and successful child on your kid’s neck. Encourage your child and help them live a happy life.

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