Nutrition on the Plate, Love & Care in the Heart

Mom of a first-time school-goer? We understand your apprehension to provide a healthy diet to your child, but are you aware what’s going inside his body and whether it will really fulfill the needs of his growing age? Remember, the only person responsible for what goes in the plate of your child is You.

Parents have the biggest influence on their children’s development. Let’s have a look on how you can shape your child’s eating habits:

  1. Have regular family meals preferably cooked at home.
  2. Make a variety of healthy snacks available instead of empty calorie snacks.
  3. Involve your child in arranging and preparing food.
  4. Reward with courtesy, not food.
  5. Pick up groceries together with your kids.
  6. Cut back on junk food.
  7. Get creative in the kitchen, try different shapes, and have fun.
  8. Introduce new foods to your kids gradually.
  9. Restrict TV time and encourage physical activity.
  10. Tey new and healthy foods yourself. Be a role model for them.

Apart from carbohydrate and proteins, a balanced diet for your child should ideally contain:



By now, you must be thinking whether you are feeding your child with the right nutrition. In such cases, it is advisable to get a dietary analysis done for your child, so that you understand if your child is receiving the right kind of nourishment.  We, at Stemade, understand your concern and, therefore, we have initiated and implemented a host of school contact programs under the concept “Go for Health”. This program conducts dietary assessments of students wherein parents participate in providing inputs of their child’s dietary pattern based on which a dietary assessment report that is created and shared. This program will make you aware of the relevant and advance healthcare avenues to safeguard their children from serious life-threatening diseases.


To know more about “Go for Health” and its activities, you can visit:

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