Obesity in Children

When excess body fat starts affecting a child’s health and well being, the alarming bells of your child’s obesity should start ringing. The leading contributors for your child’s this condition are diet and physical activities. The percentage of overweight children is growing with each passing year. Studies have shown that childhood obesity is one of the major causes of health problems in later life which includes diabetes, heart problems, osteoarthritis etc. So the best way to be safe from all these diseases is to keep focus on the early years and get your child treated for obesity. Parents have to play an important part to prevent their kids from obesity. The current lifestyle of kids i.e. spending less time exercising and more time in front of the TV, computer, or video-game console needs to be curbed.

Why do people become obese?

Lack of physical activity

Regular exercise burns calories and promotes a lean and healthy body. So it’s simple that lack of exercise slows our metabolic rate and promotes weight gain. Parents should encourage their children to participate in sports in their schools and colleges. Getting kids enrolled for summer sports camps are also not a bad idea!

High Sugar/Fat Diet

One can do nothing about a child’s craving for sweets and chocolates. These foods are easily available, tasty and cheap, thus readily approachable by kids. Not that you can stop your child in indulging in these delicacies. But overeating is what makes it the most harmful. The key here is to indulge in small quantities and have them in limits. Now setting up these limits is where parents need to step in and keep a track. Parents can also encourage kids to rather indulge in tasty fruits which are more nutritious and healthier. Another killers are fast food joints.  So even if you have to raise your voice to get the message clear do it because it is the question of your kid’s health.

Obese Parents

Overweight parents put children at a greater risk of being obese. Children are mostly conductive to the lifestyle and eating habits of their parents. Children who grow up in households with parents who devalue the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle are at an increased risk for developing not only childhood obesity but long-term, chronic health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

So first of all you need to find out if your child is entering into the obese zone. The best way to determine this is to see your doctor who will compute his BMI (Body Mass Index) by measuring  your child’s height and weight. Help your child fight obesity by supporting him/her and talk to them by letting them share their concerns and difficulties.

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