Sweet tooth—Good or bad?

Most of the children born with a “sweet tooth” eventually face dental problems. Liking for sweet taste begins right from birth as mother’s milk contains lactose, a kind of sugar. Sugars are required for the working of our body and brain; however, overeating sweets can cause damage to your tiny tots’ health and teeth. Leftover sweet particles in your baby’s teeth can cause tooth decay. Consuming sweets in moderation isn’t bad; if your child over does that, then he might be at a higher risk of becoming overweight, which in turn increases the risk of getting type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular problems. Also, on denial, your child might learn to cry and pester you, if he gets addicted to sugary stuff.

As parents, you can avoid these situations, or you can be prepared. Healthy teeth are vital for the overall wellness of yourchild. Did you know that your child’s milk teeth are a rich source of stem cells (undifferentiated cells that turn into specialized ones) that can be extracted and preserved in a dental stem cell bank for future use in treating a disease or an injury? Savita Menon, a pedodontist, confirms, “Obtaining stem cells from the tooth is a non-invasive procedure that requires no surgery, with little or no pain. Children between 5–12years are any way going to lose their milk tooth. So when it’s a little shaky, it can be collected with hardly any discomfort.” The tooth pulp, which is usually destroyed in tooth decay, is mainly responsible for identifying sensation, like heat and cold, and comprises the stem cells, which can regenerate tooth tissue.

Since, you are responsible for your child’s development; you need to be attentive towards your child’s oral health too. For toddlers, clean their teeth with a soft, clean cloth or baby’s toothbrush and check for teeth spots or stains regularly. For children (who are not diabetics), you should

Remember, denying sweets completely won’t help; rather allow them in moderation, especially in the form of rewards to encourage your child!

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