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Stem Cell FAQ

Can my Child's tooth stem cells be used to treat other members of my family?

Currently, we bank the dental pulp, rich in adult stem cells, for autologous use only. However, they may potentially be used to treat conditions in first or second degree blood relatives

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Deciduous teeth, otherwise known as baby teeth, temporary teeth and primary teeth, are the first set of teeth in the growth development of humans. Milk teeth start appearing at 6 months of age, the milk teeth are shed from age 5 onwards.

Why Milk teeth for Stem cells?

Research has shown that milk teeth are a rich source of stem cells. Stem cells extracted from milk teeth contain mesenchymal stem cells, which multiply rapidly and differentiate into many different cell types and could be used for generating a wide range of cellular tissues. They can now be a potential (currently under experimental research) source of repair kits for future.

Chondrocytes with ability to generate cartilage, important in the treatment of arthritis and joint injuries; Osteoblast with ability to generate bone
Adipocytes these have the ability to repair damaged cardiac tissue e.g. after a heart attack.
Plus with capacity to generate neural cells, skeletal cells amongst others.

Milk Teeth highlighted in blue are collected for dental stem cell extraction

What is the right age to collect milk teeth for stem cells?

Dental stem cells are extracted from milk teeth of children aged 5 onwards. This is the ideal age as the quality of the stem cells starts to decrease with the increase in the age. The stem cells are most vital during this period.

The right time to recover baby tooth with stem cells is before the teeth become very loose, as the cells in the dental pulp will remain more viable if they continue to have a blood supply.

Instead of putting it under a pillow and discarding them, they can now be a potential (currently under experimental research) source of repair kits for the future.

When your children are about to lose their milk teeth call us on our TOLL FREE number 1800 102 7836

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