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Mrs. Kanwal & Capt.A.S.Sethy

I strongly think or rather I must say that Stemade came forward as a REAL tooth fairy for my daughter's future security health assurance.I think instead of putting our child's tooth under pillow for tooth fairy, consider how dental stem cells could one day help protect health of our family.

When our daughter was born umbilical cord banking was not known to us but when I came to know about the concept of dental stem cell banking, I called my husband on board who is a mercantile mariner, his first reaction on dental stem cell was "don't delay and just go ahead with everything but of course after consulting Dr. Deepak Sehgal". The concept is surely very good and can be an option if required for helping cure ailments. I have had a very good experience with the professional responsive team of Stemade. My daughter Danya (10 yrs old) got very personal attention throughout the process, special care was given during the extraction process as well as blood sample collection. The whole process was managed fairly very smoothly and in an easy manner. I must say , "you guys are doing an excellent thing by using science and technology together. I would encourage more parents to go for dental stem cell banking. I have spoken with many people regarding the concept. Fortunately, now that we can retrieve stem cells from milk teeth, so we all parents have the opportunity to bank their child's stem cell.
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