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Mrs. Roli Gupta

I think it is a new path breaking technology which can provide you assurance for your future. Dental Stem Cell banking is unique as a technology and I am glad that I could encash on the opportunity this time around. As a responsible and informed parent I found it imperative to safeguard my child's future when I have the chance.

Over the past years and with more information coming in I have learnt that Stem Cell based therapy are the future of medical science. After my interaction with Stemade's technical Team I became aware that the child's milk teeth are store house of stem cells and these can be stored for future use. Unfortunately, my child Pranav had lost all his milk tooth by then. However, the experts at stemade suggested that Pranav's MOLARS could also be banked. I was reassured by the fact that stemade had already banked the molar of another child previously. I am now happy that large amount of stem cells have been found from the Molar which was extracted for pranav. As a parent I am content that I took this decision to bank the MOLAR of my child. My experience with Stemade has been very good; they are professional and responsive team. I would encourage more parents to go for dental stem cell banking. I have taken it as an insurance of my child and it does not cost much looking at the benefits it can offer. I suggest you should reach out schools and during the Parent Teacher meetings, meet as many parents as possible.
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