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Mrs. Vineet Kaur (Mother of Mast. Pavitraj and Mast. Paramraj)

The unique concept of collecting the pulp from a tooth is a miracle in itself... it like as if tooth fairy actually exists. It was a painless procedure and a very quick one. Every parent wants to give the best to their children, yet the children inherit many diseases from their ancestors. With the hope that the children don't ever need these stem-cells I have opted for the same because God forbid if they ever need it for some disease they have a 100 percent backup of their own stem-cells to cure them for the same.

Initially the experience was not something to talk about because the company itself had teething problems and new concepts changing with the awareness and more knowledge. Soon all the quires and problems were aligned and the entire process was a smooth experience. Dr Pethe being a mother herself could understand the anxiety I had. She explained well and was actually very good with the children. They did not feel a thing.
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