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Stem Cell Banking Plans

Stemade's dental stem cell banking plan for milk teeth & Wisdom teeth stem cell preservation.

  • Stemade banks stem cells from milk teeth of children aged 5 onwards and from healthy permanent tooth (premolars/wisdom tooth) of young adults aged 30 years or less.
  • Total storage period is 21 years for both Milk tooth & Wisdom tooth collection

For ease of understanding and flexibility of payment, the fees are divided in to 3 components:


  • For registering and signing up to avail dental stem cell banking services with Stemade.
  • This fee entitles you to a contract and covers all costs pertaining to the paperwork involved.


  • This covers the process of tooth collection at the panel dentist's clinic (Stemade Smile Clinic)
  • Transportation of the tooth in specialised cold chain carrier facility to the laboratory.
  • At the laboratory, various Quality Checks are done to ensure the finest cells are isolated and prepared for storage.The tooth is also tested for viability.
  • Thereafter, the blood samples collected are screened for infectious diseases. This is done to eliminate the possibility of presence of infections like HIV, HBV(Hepatitis B), HBC (Hepatitis C) and others.


  • Fee for the total tenure of storage of the processed tooth.
  • Storage is done in special Cryopreservation Tanks at a temperature of -196 Degree celsius in liquid nitrogen.
  • For both Milk tooth and Wisdom tooth, the storage period is 21 years.

Click here to register for a free presentation and understand how you can be ensured of a healthy future by preserving Dental Stem Cells.

For further details, please refer Stemade Client Agreement for all terms & conditions.

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